Have you had a breakthrough that didn't last?

Or a breakdown that wouldn't end?

Have you ever felt foggy, unsettled,

or unsure after a retreat, breath-work session,

psychedelic experience or transformational


Ever felt bliss, soul connection, total clarity at a

retreat but can't figure out how to bridge what

happened into actionable steps you can use?

If you haven't yet, you will, that is why integration must

be a part of the conversation before, during and after.

What Is Integration,


Hint: It's Not Just About the morning after a transformative experience.

There's a lot you don't know...

but there is a lot that you do, the key is getting clarity where you need it so that you, and those you love, can stay safe, connected and fulfilled.

Some things take years to learn and lead to tirelessly repeating painful processes until you find the the missing link...

Get Off The Struggle Bus.

You're brave, a seeker, stepping boldly into the realm of psychedelics and transformational practices. You've seen the potential thrill of awakening, like tapping into a secret that promises a life of profound meaning.

However, there have been times, you find yourself back in a world where you're not connecting the same anymore. Life feels like a replay, relationships still chaotic, work a drag, and anxiety a frequent visitor.

You find yourself asking "what gives?"

The Misconceptions That Cost You:

We get it. The term 'integration' often comes with a cloud of misconceptions. People think it's as simple as journaling, doing some yoga, or having deep conversations with friends. While these are valuable, they barely scratch the surface of what true integration involves.

You went in sincerely but without the proper tools, the energy that should have been transformational dissipates, sometimes even leading to crisis. 😢

Where Most Get It Wrong:

What's missing is real, actionable guidance—effective practices that can bridge the gap between the extraordinary and the everyday.

You've had no context to bring these revelations into your daily grind, and that's why the good doesn't last and the fog doesn't fade.

Don't even blame the facilitator, retreat or clinician...

it isn't useful, now.

It is time take responsibility for your life and put your future back into your own hands, where it belongs.

The Ultimate Opportunity Awaits...

Enter our groundbreaking 3-Day, In Person, Immersive Training.

We've spent years blending wisdom from ancient traditions and cutting edge coaching to offer you something unparalleled—

It's Called The Condor Approach Method And It's All About Freedom, Flexibility And Adaptability As The Dead And Dying Parts Of Yourself Evolve 🦅

(yes, we know that is an eagle emoji, watch the video, lol)

Hear What Real People Have To Say

"Of all the containers I have been a part of this one was the most profound in giving me concrete steps to take away and make a noticeable difference in my life."

Colton Mayhew

"I appreciate how Tah and Kole take time out for us as facilitators to tap into us personally and pull things out from our emotions, from our feelings to show us how effective these tools are."

Medicine Man, Sincere Seven

"It makes all of the heady stuff more accessible and it is truly learning a language."


"I've heard all this kind of material before. But when you come and you feel the material it's an amazing experience. "

Austin McLead

"I've been around the self-help block,And as far as my personal transformation goes, this is the most potent, powerful, and heartwarming experience I've ever had.

Meridyth Driskill

Nobody is talking about what happens to those around you when you have a big shift...

As you integrate new wisdom, emotions previously numbed or buried may bubble to the surface.

The elation of enlightenment can often be followed by episodes of anxiety, confusion, or even depression as you grapple with your newfound awareness.

This means the people around you feel the effects, too...

CEO's ghosting their teams....

Parent's shutting down, contracting with no idea how to get support, let alone parent...

Partner's feeling for the first time and no way to articulate it, creating overwhelm, and isolation...

When identity constructs get challenged or re-known in a peak experience it destabilizes the world that was tied to that identity sending a ripple through everyone and everything.

Don't Create Harm As You Heal.

Radical Responsibility Gets Radical Results

Your clear path to safe, connected and fulfilled

Clear Frameworks

Gain access to our comprehensive step by step system - the Condor Approach - with proven techniques to translate insights into action.

Tools and systems that create accountability

Leave with daily practices, tracking systems, and community touchpoints to stay on track long after the event.

Ongoing support and access

This is just the beginning. Remain connected through our integration learning portal, social channels, and optional coaching.

This is for you if...

  • You've had profound insights but aren't sure how apply them

  • You know your body is speaking to you but you aren't sure what it is saying

  • You want to results that are more lasting, not short term gains

  • You're committed to doing the work - not just chasing the next peak experience

  • You would love to know what questions to ask to find a safe space for you or those you love

  • You want to tangibly measure and track your integration progress

  • You seek community support and expert guidance for self-discovery

  • You know integration is a lifelong journey - not a one-time event

Our community walks to the walk and knows the journey has just begun. If you resonate with people who are committed to truly elevate themselves and those around them, you're going to love it here.

This is NOT for you if....

  • If you are coming for recreational psychedelic experience

  • Seeking one-off plant medicine ceremonies

  • Seeking clinical or medical treatment

  • A quick fix or magic bullet solution

  • Enablement of avoidance or escapism

  • Seeking counseling, diagnosis or therapy

  • Shy away from conversations with folx of varying beliefs

This is not a path of avoidance or escapism. Our live events require courage to self examine yourself and do the work. If you are seeking recreation or clinical treatment, this is not the program for you.

Our coaches are trained in integration techniques - not diagnosing or treating medical conditions. We meet you where you are to walk the path of self-discovery together.

This isn't just 'safe space' or comforting words.

We're talking about proven, skill-based training, enriched by accountability, custom tracking, and trauma-informed practices to guide you through:

  • Decoding the wisdom within your body and emotions

  • Making choices from a place of alignment, not reaction

  • Anchoring your insights into every area of life you care about

What You’ll Walk Away With:

  • Instant Access to The Condor Approach Portal with 10 hours of video, audio and calls: don't wait for the live event, the more you dive in now the better the live event will be

  • Registered For The 3 Day LIVE Integration Event: Learn the techniques and then see them applied in real time

  • 30 days Of Weekly Coaching Calls: to deepen what you learned at the live event

  • Modules Like: Psychedelics 101, Body Mapping, Emotional Navigation And Self Coaching: Learn to bridge challenging times to beautiful growth

  • Virtual Master Classes by Leading Researchers, Scientists, Shaman and Guides with Over 40 Years Of Experience: Hear different perspective from ancient wisdom to modern technologies

  • Personal Mind-Body Integration Workbook: Learn what to track, when the change and what questions to ask to be safe, connected and fulfilled

The Creators

Tah Whitty brings over 30 years of experience as a nurse with 25 of those years in emergency rooms in NYC, guiding people through chaotic states. His medical knowledge makes him a guiding light in psychedelic integration.

Kole Whitty, a former substance abuse educator turned fitness trainer and health coach, transformed into a psychedelic enthusiast. She has helped thousands improve their health before, during and after their psychedelic transformation.

Together, Tah and Kole host The Psychedelic Coach Podcast and created The Condor Coach Certification - the first psychedelic-informed coaching program and The Condor Approach. They've led hundreds of events globally with a mission to spread radical self responsibility in the psychedelic space to keep folks safe, connected and fulfilled.

Having guided many through psychedelic journeys lacking integration support, the duo is determined to set a new standard in this expanding field. Their combined personal journeys and diverse expertise make them sought-after perspectives in the field.

Frequently Ask Question

Q: What will I learn at the 3-day training?

A: You'll gain a proven methodology, tools and practices for intentional integration, including tracking progress, listening to body wisdom, sustaining changes, integrating emotions, and more.

Q: Who is this event for?

A: It's those deeply impacted by the healing potential of psychedelics or transformational experiences who know there is more to integration than what they are seeing or doing. This is for the person with significant self awareness and wants to truly understand the healing, innovation and potential of master teachers in plant, animal, chemical and fungi form.

Q: What are the event dates and location?

A: It's taking place September 12-14, 2023 in Austin, TX.

Q: What's included in the ticket price?

A: Your ticket includes access to all sessions, integration practices, coaching, event materials, and community events. Meals and lodging are not included.

Q: Will there be virtual participation options?

A: We encourage attending in person for the full immersive experience but understand that isn't always possible so do offer virtual attendance. Be aware that this LIVE ticket grants virtual access so there are no replays or recordings, it's all LIVE.

Q: What COVID-19 precautions will be taken?

A: We follow state and local safety guidelines and will communicate specific requirements to attendees. Tickets can be transferred to future events and virtual access will be granted if you cannot attend due to COVID-related reasons.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the nature and costs the tickets are non-refundable but transferable to another person, to a virtual ticket or as a one-time to the next event.

Safety. Connection. Fulfillment.

Here's Everything You Get:

  • Instant Access to The Condor Approach Portal with hours of video, audio and calls ($1,997)

  • Registered For The 3 Day LIVE Condor Coach Certification ($1,997 Value):

  • 30 days Of Weekly Coaching Calls ($997)

  • 5 x Virtual Master Classes: ($485)


  • Personal Mind-Body Integration Workbook ($48)

Total Value: $5,524

Get It All For Only $1,997

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